Monday, 25 May 2015

JVM Architecture

by Ziuby

In every java application we have .java files. Let say “ file, this file is given to compiler i.e javac .Then the compiler will generate java class file (Test.class). This is very beginning stage.

This .class file we have to give input to JVM(Java Virtual Machine )  .Then JVM is responsible to load and executive Test.class file. This class file act input to class loader subsystem (Module of JVM)

Assume that we have class loader subsystem. In this three various sub modules

1. Loading
2. Linking
3. Initializing

Again in loading there are multiple type like

a.       Bootstrap loader.
b.      Extention loader.
c.       Application class loader.

Again in linking there are three type like

a.       Verify
b.      Prepare
c.       Resolve

There 1st loading part is executive, then linking and at last initializing.


This means class loader subsystem is responsible to perform this above activity. As we seen above .class is input to “class loader subsystem”.


As we know class subsystem loads our class. Now for loading there is requirement memory.
Now there are various memory present inside JVM.

1.Method Area(class leave data and static variable are store.)
2.Stack Area(local variable etc.)
3.Heap Area(all objects are store in heap memory)
4.PC Register(for every thread separate PC register is there.)
5.Native Method Area(Separate run type thread )

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Smartphones and Consumer driven Market

by Ziuby

We have changed a lot ! One has to agree that a conventional shopper has now gotten a wide array of platforms for buying goods.  Now a business has become bold and with several new avenues to exploit the chances of turning a small idea into a successful business is more of reality. This has now become possible only because of few specific things. A perfect balance of market demand and the technological advancement have lead to this situation. A customer is no longer the only one who walks into the shop. A business owner now engages a customer through e-mail, mobile-app, through a website and many other such electronic platforms.

It seems that we have gotten either too lazy or too smart. The way technology and digital revolution has progressed ahead in past couple of decades or to be more specific since introduction of IOS and Android operating system based Smartphone’s in the commercial sector. It is because of such mobile operating systems, devices such as Tablets, PhonePad were introduced to the common public. Android has now found its way into our Cars with Music system OS and into our Homes with household devices being controlled by an Android based digital interface.
These Smartphone operating systems have also affected other market areas based on technology. Solution providers for market areas such as web development and web designing have found themselves a new avenue to explore. Considering the popularity of Smartphone devices and the abilities of internet service providers to give services at a reasonable rate to a mass audience, people are now access these services on the go. These trends are smartly being observed by the tech-savvy and technologically aware business owner. There is a specific demand for web solutions that are specifically developed and designed to target people accessing internet on the go. The market has changed under the introduction and development of a fairly new and young e-commerce sector.


Friday, 1 May 2015

WordPress Updates! But will it work?

by Ziuby

When it comes to content management systems WordPress definitely enjoys a lot of popularity. Be it personal blogs, business websites or even e-commerce website, it is fairly evident that WordPress is a preferred choice. WordPress enjoys a strong community that drives it to grow and progress in terms of functionality and updates but security has always been a concern. It is not possible to make a system 100% secure but a conscious effort made to identify security threats and take counter measures is vital especially with a product that is widely used.

WordPress recently have released a version 4.1.2 which highlights the critical security issues faced by the CMS. The update is known as ‘Critical Security Updates’ which focuses on preventing anonymous users from compromising the Websites. The earlier version faced issues such as cross-site scripting vulnerability. Although this security issue is faced by other similar CMSs, WordPress developed Websites seem like a popular target for hackers. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) have released a statement in April 2015 stating that terrorist groups such as ISIS and other radical organizations are also targeting websites that are vulnerable to continue their propaganda.

It is extremely vital now more than ever that security of a website... however small it may be should be taken seriously.  For the WordPress users and Webmasters it very important they keep updating the WordPress version used with security updates.  


Website Development Team Structure

by Ziuby

For any organization team structure is equally important along with other areas. When we talk about site development team structure plays important role in picture ,  team structure depends on planning, strategic importance and project cost. In case of website development , whether the project is small or medium size  team structure depends on it. For small project the single person with expertise can handle multiple areas. Even In the small project, team discipline needs to be follow.

For large team structure, it is necessary to have required  skill set like planning , strategy planning, project management UI design, graphic design , site production, sales & marketing, testing, analysis etc. For large project in decided team structure each of above skills are performed by either expert who has the expertise in it or the team member who has been assigned this task to perform.

Team structure for any website development are agile that means it is not permanent, different person with different expertise comes together  for certain time period of website development and perform specific task. Team breaks when site development is completed , later further team get formed for maintenance or testing this entire procedure will perform as per the strategy  planning and cost structure.