Tuesday, 21 April 2015

World Worst Passwords

by Ziuby

Today, the Internet is all the world that same time people are using simple and easily guessable passwords
List of frequently used passwords, shows that many people continue to put themselves at risk by using weak, easily guessable passwords.

List of world's worst passwords is out : 123456, password, 12345, 12345678, qwerty, 1234567890, 1234, baseball, dragon, football, 1234567, monkey, letmein,  abc123, 111111,  mustang, access,   shadow,   master, michael, superman, 696969, 123123, batman, trustno1.

It is extremely vital that the cyber security should be taken up as a high priority. The digital revolution has increased the internet penetration for sure but so has the crimes related to cyber. Security assessment and related plans to counter threats should be a standard practice.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Net Neutrality in India

by Ziuby

It seems that the people of India are rallying behind a cause which the activists in European countries have been voicing for a while. But why so late ?
 It can be said that the developing countries have always been a step or two behind the superpowers consistently especially during the 80's and 90's. But that has changed considering the wide acceptance of the digital revolution. Developing countries similar to India are now catching up rather nicely with the leaders and well even contributing shoulder to shoulder. This has helped the people to understand the limitations and even  problems that are causing an hindrance in their path to progress.

The fight taken to the TRAI in India represents the same. People are getting aware of the need for creating a even platform for market competition so that the duel between competitors is solely based on the quality of work and service. Unfair means of favoring a client with better speed just because he pays more will not be tolerated. 

So please go ahead and voice your opinion at www.savetheinternet.com.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Google Game

by Ziuby

First of all I would like to ask you that, Do You Know ThisGame ?I called it as “Google game”,it’s a game provided by Renounced organization “GOOGLE”. Where we can Entertain yourself  apart from our work. Especially, for those who are continuously working on computer and internet. Many people may know about this game while many people may not know. So, here are some information and guidelines about The Google Game.


1) Disconnect the Internet connection if it is on.
2) Open Google Chrome browser.
3) Type www.google.com in the address bar
4) Click enter.
5) You Will see the following image:

6) After seeing this, you can use either space bar button or up arrow key for navigation.
7) By using space bar button or up arrow key you  have to jumped that Dynasore.
8) By jumping you have to avoid that Cactus which will come on the way.

Pros :
1) This game can be plays without the internet connection that’s the best part of it.
2) It is so User friendly.
3) Very simple to look.
4) Can be played by using Google Chrome only.

1) No musical sounds
2) It can be played by only one player at a time.
3) No colour graphical layouts are provided for it.
4) It does not allow playing this game on any browser rather than G Chrome.

Basically it’s a very simple game to play so enjoy the game whenever you will get fade up from ur work or want to entertain yourself.


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Nearly 10,000 accounts suspended by Twitter

by Ziuby

Twitter accounts of Islamic states monitored by the Activists and experts were suddenly disappeared.  This in noticed by activists and experts who handles these accounts and also by their supporters.
A twitter representative confirmed that their social media network’s violations department suspended nearly 10,000 accounts on 2nd April 2015. These all accounts are suspended because of tweeting some violent threats.

Read news on http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/twitter-says-it-suspended-10-000-islamic-state-linked-accounts-in-1-day-753772

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Instagram Updates

by Ziuby

Instagram initiated to provide the facility to its user in a way that they can be easily keep in touch with their friends, whom pictures they want to see most likely. Now new update of this app bring the ability to subscribe to the posts from a specific user and also introduced two new editing tools.                                                       
These two new editing tools are fade and color.  The new update is rolled out for android user on Tuesday. Update your Instagram app and experience new with new editing tool.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Pin It !

by Ziuby

On Thursday Pinterest launched its new Pin it button for faster bookmarking experience. According to the company the new Pin it button will allow users to install it for any browser as an extension. Button will provide the user to pin the post as they want like on which board of their Pinterest profile they want that particular post. According to the company the user bookmarking is increased by 3% in earlier test of Pin it button, which is a good sign for the company.                 


Monday, 6 April 2015

Ways of the Coder

by Ziuby

Another day another beginning that’s what a coder thinks throughout his life span.  A coder thinks the normal way into his style of coding and that’s what makes the difference between a normal person and a developer.
When a normal person have to send a gift card to his/her friend he will go with conventional way like buying it online and send through courier services whereas a developer will write a python(for that matter any other language) program to send the self created gift (With visual effects) while Gardening.

If you are a normal person you cannot be lazy if you are then you have to work pretty hard to finish it on time but if you are a coder you will manage it by writing just few lines that’s the Reason Mr. Bill gates has said a lazy person is always good for the job done in the less time.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

What is Eucalyptus Cloud?

by Ziuby

Eucalyptus is free and open source computer software for building Amazon Web Services (AWS)-compatible private and hybrid cloud computing environments marketed by the company Eucalyptus Systems. Eucalyptus is the acronym for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems.                                                     

The best part is, it is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) API.
And we can manage Eucalyptus or Amazon Instances using Eucalyptus commands. Users can also move their instances between Eucalyptus Private Cloud and Amazon EC2 instances to create hybrid cloud.


 Key Benefits:-
•    Increase agility
•    Lower Cost
•    Improve Security


Google Mirror

by Ziuby

It seems to be a prank to make you fool on April but it’s not. Google has made another site for search which is exactly the mirror of “google.com”.

If you are tired and bored of the old, traditional way of searching, Google Inc. has introduced a new way of searching. Visit “com.google”, Yes it is exactly what it sounds. It makes the mirror image of “google .com”

The people love to read the things in a mirror, it’s for them. I loved it and experienced something new for searching.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Youtube Music Subscribe

by Ziuby

Google Inc's online video providing service YouTube is planning to launch its paid service for the users. Few months ago google announced that they will bring a monthly subscription service to its users, which will allow users to access the ad-free service from YouTube.

The beta version of the service is already tested successfully and now google named this service as YouTube Music key, which will be launched soon. A report also said that subscription for the ad-free service will start at $7.99 per month.

The service will allow users to watch videos offline and listen to music while other apps are working. Lets wait and watch the benefits of service to the people.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Caller App from Facebook

by Ziuby

Social networking site Facebook announced that it will bring a new caller app soon. Facebook is working on a caller app and testing it with android, soon this app will be available in the market for android users.

App is similar to Truecaller, so it will be very tough for facbook to convenience people to switch over for the new app.The new caller app is based on same idea and it will access users call logs and will block the common sapm numbers and will also able to block the user defined numbers.

This comes as a good news as Facebook already enjoys a large base of followers. The calling facility  will give the avid users one more reason to stay online and keep using Facebook. The social media platforms have brought closer the people across the globe. This has been particularly lead by Facebook.