Saturday, 28 February 2015

WhatsApp plans free calling in India

by Ziuby

WhatsApp Already enjoys a big customer base and wide variety of users.  It is pretty evident that the popularity and market penetration of this social media app is astounding considering the its short life cycle.

The team at WhatsApp have been busy with constant upadates every month or so to keep the users hooked in. Now they are targeting a new market with a very enticing new feature "Free Calling". WhatsApp are targeting India specifically with this cool new feature.. But the announcement seems to have been hastened due to the fact that another Indian messaging app Hike messenger had announced to make this available. Hike has already made it available to its around 35 million users in India and elsewhere and this is the reason that WhatsApp has been forced to make the announcement so hastily. So we must be thankful to Kevin Mittal for forcing the global messaging giant to act this fast.                 

 Although it seems that Hike has a pretty specific market and have been focusing only in their Local market , still they are giving a fight to the foreign companies significantly. There has been lots of things backing the WhatsApp people be it Facebook or be it the new Indian laws promoting healthy foreign investment. Amongst all this one thing is for sure the end user will surely benefit.



Friday, 27 February 2015

Why did i take the Blue Pill ? SEO Strategy do it right once !

by Ziuby

It is pretty evident that SEO is extremely important to maintain a competitive edge in the market. There are several companies in the market boasting claims that they have gotten on the first page of Google  in matter of weeks with a strategy or that they have got awesome Google rank within a few weeks. The truth of the matter is we can't really check the authenticity of their claims. They might have implemented Black Hat strategies ! We cannot be sure !

So what is the best approach for SEO ? How to begin ? And why does the blog title talk about a Blue pill ?
Well the Blue pill is a reference to the movie Matrix where the character regrets one of  his decision for going with the a particular choice. He had different options but he choose wrong. Same goes with SEO !                                  
It is extremely easy to go with the wrong decision or strategy when it comes to doing SEO. Our suggestion is simple. In conclusion the KISS principle applies perfectly to SEO activities ‘Keep It Simple Silly’. There are lot of people around making bold claims and quick solutions for SEO and frankly it doesn’t ring in any kind of confidence. A simple well thought out approach with a chalked out strategy can make a lot of difference . Th balance between efforts made for On-page and Off-page SEO will surely help out to get a good ranking.


Facebook new privacy policy.

by Ziuby

Even if you're logged out of the Facebook app, Facebook can track your every move, this is because Facebook have updated its privacy policy.This new privacy policy allows Facebook to have your data from the internet , including online searches, and information shared with online retailers .

A  spokesman from Facebook said "It takes into account pages and places visited on Facebook, alongside browsing on the internet at large." For some privacy loving Facebook user this might not be the good news, but Facebook clamming it as good thing as it help to improvise the user experience.
But as part of relief you can customize privacy setting to overcome  some part of new policy .


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Facebook: Empathize or Dislike

by Ziuby

On Facebook, many people post, upload many things for various purposes. Mostly it is used for personal use like photo sharing, view sharing, occasion’s information etc. Face book can also be used business use such as advertisements.

If person genuinely like their posts and uploads, Like button is the way to express it. But if they don't rather than having dislike button, they can avoid giving any kind of response to it .because dislike button psychologically gives Negative impact on person you are giving dislike response. Another suggestion that was floating around in the digital world was ’empathize’ button. This will reduce the negative effect or vibe of the word dislike. Maybe the best idea would be all together avoiding the concept and going with the approach that doesn’t hamper or affect any community, countries or persons sentiment.


Facebook Messenger in 2015

by Ziuby

Leading and the most popular social networking site Facebook has launched a new feature for its messenger app that automatically transcribes any file sent as a voice recording and let the people send voice clips to each other. Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, David Marcus, mentioned that in 2015, the company will be bringing voice-to-text to the app.

With this feature, Facebook will allow people to send written messages without typing.The next big change will be some form of ads or monetization. While Marcus said that these ads wouldn’t be intrusive and that Facebook would make sure to choose a method of monetization that doesn’t get in your face, I know people won’t like it.

For a frequent user of Facebook Messenger it would be something very interesting and time-saving I can say. With the Stickers functionality of Facebook Messenger, Voice-to-text will be a great add-on.


Twitter .. Analyse This !

by Ziuby

iPhone app of twitter now having the Twitter Analytic feature. Twitter analytic shows the report to the users that how many impressions their tweets got as well as re-tweets and favorites. This feature is available if you have the most recent version of the Twitter app. To access the analytic, users need to click on one of their tweets and then tap the "View Tweet Activity".


Twitter enjoys a wide customer base and it is a leader in their own right when it comes to micro-blogging. Twitter made blogging activity cool again. With new updates like "while you were away" and now with this analytic  part , the creative team at twitter are really pushing hard to keep the end user hooked in. Creative and innovative solutions are the mantras for success in the Digital world and Twitter seems to be right on track.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I want be an Entreprenuer

by Ziuby

There are some good ideas which person should follow who wish to start new business as beginner. For any start up business you have to make sure that you got strong finance support it can either from loan or can help you to grow at proper direction and impressive head start. On Second basis as start up company you need to have good resources, by keeping the finance part into consideration the resource allocation will be there . If you have strong capital you can allot good workspace, great potential employees, and high quality resources. At very initial level before you have capital and resources you need to have Business plan and schedule and their step by step execution plan. Once you got all the required entities in hand , you need to promote your business. In such a way that people will know and feel your strong existence in market, For that you can use good #website, strong hold on #social media, and effective #SEO service.


Monday, 23 February 2015

India part of the digital world .. how can I contribute ?

by Ziuby

Social media has given opportunities to connect with people across the globe, it has also given job opportunities, improved business Skills. Market reach of a business is far more effective than it was before. A small garment Merchant in Srinagar India with the right tools can now showcase his talent to a Customer in LA America. A business has an opportunity to truly become a global business. A Customer is no longer restricted to the local market and has now evolved into a global Customer in every sense. This is possible all thanks to E-commerce and technology. It seems that technology, social media platforms have surely helped to achieve a phenomenal Progress rate, but is it so?

In the light of discovery when one always thinks what can be achieved, no one thinks about Whether or not should it be done? We live in an age where the chances of finding new things, new technology uses is relatively high. But knowledge in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Sick minded people can use the same knowledge of technology to commit acts destructive in nature.                                           

 So the question then arises on what should be done? Before implementing any New concept in technology it is important to truly understand its strength, positives and Negatives. Human factor poses the maximum threat level when it comes to security breach. Hackers are intelligent people who will use information as a weapon to commit acts that are destructive in nature. In a work environment it is the duty and responsibility of every person to ensure proper security measures are followed while handling business sensitive data.No individual, business, or government is solely responsible for securing the Internet.



Yahoo follows through ..

by Ziuby

Recent increase in cyber attacks and instances for e-mail and phone data hacking have only highlighted the need of more security measures. Businesses have now moved on and accepted the digital revolution. Lot of business activities are done across different geographical locations and time-zones, such is the requirement. Internet has truly made a business a global business in every true sense. Yet there are security threats that need to  assessed and dealt with.


In such times the digital world will always look up-to the IT giants. Yahoo is one such company to step up-to the challenge. Yahoo promised last year to turn on HTTPS by default for all Yahoo! Mail exchanges.Now when you send or receive mails on Yahoo! Mail, your exchanges will automatically be encrypted by default and protected. It is mention that anytime user use Yahoo’s Mail services, whether it is on the web, mobile web, mobile apps or even via IMAP, POP or SMTP, it will remain completely encrypted. This encryption will not just remain limited to your mails but also extend itself to your attachments, contacts, calendar and the Messenger in the Mail.

This is a very good example of the leaders taking up the challenge at helping to put out an action plan with execution. Let us hope that others will follow and lend a helping hand in increasing the security over the Internet.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

One of the things that make this app different is the visual display. It looks different on display, compared to the forerunner. And here are some of the common features of the WhatsApp Plus;

·        Downloadable Themes. There are over 1000 themes that you can download from the app itself. And you can select them in terms of the most downloaded, and the category. You can also search by title.

·        Customizable appearance. You can also choose to customize the fonts, wallpaper and chat background.

·        Hide Online Availability. You can choose to hide your online presence, whereby your contacts might not see when last you were online, or if you are online. However, you might also not see if your contacts are online, if you use this option.

 This just add to list of app options a consumer will get to enjoy. App like Viber, Hike  already present in the market. Considering the number of smartphone users , it is a pretty leveled field for these companies to compete on.

Stickered App : Use more stcikers now with FB

 by Ziuby

Facebook creative labs have been busy. They have recently launched a new feature for the chat application.
The Creative labs is focusing more on the mobile phone market and rightly so. Considering the shift in momentum regarding the software development now being more focused on smartphone users.

The new app "Stickered" built for the messenger lets you pick a photo,resize and paste facebook stickers on top of it. The application offers a wide vairety of emoticons including Pikachu,Teletubbies and Burgerhead to name a few. 

  Facebook Messenger last month reached the 500 million monthly active users milestone.
Select one of your photos. You can then choose from hundreds of Facebook Stickers, move them around, tilt and resize them, and then fix them to your photo. Certainly good news for people who want to put stickers on your existing pictures and makes them interesting.


Friday, 20 February 2015

Secure your personal chats : WhatsApp

WhatsApp chats are more than just simple texts. We all know it. We share photos, videos, bank account details, contacts and what not on WhatsApp. And with so much personal data, if you take privacy and security of WhatsApp for granted then its jackpot for wicked minds.

Following are some tips :

1) Lock WhatsApp
2) Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in photoroll
3) Hide ‘last seen’ timestamp
4) Restrict access to profile picture
5) Watch out for scams
6) Deactivate WhatsApp if you lose your phone
7) Be careful what you talk about
8) Remember to log out of WhatsApp Web

Safe Content for Kids on YouTube

by Ziuby

New App called YouTube kids focus on kid-appropriate content. Features like kid-friendly design, with big icons and minimal scrolling, parental controls such as a timer that can be used to limit a child’s screen time.
If we have a parental control its best to have along with this if the content is very safe and appropriate we can relax upon App.
Apps increase the creativity, innovation and productivity in a child.  Brain storming activities are surely aided by online media . Internet companies such as Google and FaceBook Inc do not offer their services to children under 13; now this App will help kid’s a lot into their educational parameter also.
Earlier, Video app Vine had also launched a new kid’s version termed ‘Vine Kids’ app that allows children to watch family-friendly content. The app is available on the official App store and specially targets children under the age of five.