Monday, 23 February 2015

India part of the digital world .. how can I contribute ?

by Ziuby

Social media has given opportunities to connect with people across the globe, it has also given job opportunities, improved business Skills. Market reach of a business is far more effective than it was before. A small garment Merchant in Srinagar India with the right tools can now showcase his talent to a Customer in LA America. A business has an opportunity to truly become a global business. A Customer is no longer restricted to the local market and has now evolved into a global Customer in every sense. This is possible all thanks to E-commerce and technology. It seems that technology, social media platforms have surely helped to achieve a phenomenal Progress rate, but is it so?

In the light of discovery when one always thinks what can be achieved, no one thinks about Whether or not should it be done? We live in an age where the chances of finding new things, new technology uses is relatively high. But knowledge in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Sick minded people can use the same knowledge of technology to commit acts destructive in nature.                                           

 So the question then arises on what should be done? Before implementing any New concept in technology it is important to truly understand its strength, positives and Negatives. Human factor poses the maximum threat level when it comes to security breach. Hackers are intelligent people who will use information as a weapon to commit acts that are destructive in nature. In a work environment it is the duty and responsibility of every person to ensure proper security measures are followed while handling business sensitive data.No individual, business, or government is solely responsible for securing the Internet.