Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Shall We Dance ?

by Ziuby

If you think that eye wearable device Google glass is no more existing to use, you are wrong. Now you can prepare yourself to shake your body on rhythms using Google Glass. 

“Dance Dance Revolution” a popular video game having that feature, user can control to make certain dance moves indicated by the program controlling the game.

Google planned to bring the similar concept by installing the ability to recommend dance moves to the users who can hear the beats and rhythm of any particular song.

Google glass will be having the ability to determine the songs in background before it start suggesting the moves. The moves will be suggested from the library of moves stored in its database. The device may also show the video of some another people dancing to the same song.

Find your dependency on technology

by Ziuby

In this Tech-world there are so many technologies coming day by day.  These technological inventions done by the people living around us, Individual or team do some great invention to help people and make life easy.

Now look to it’s another part as the invention take place and people implements it to the goodness of society some of them do it for making money, getting popularity and so on. By this they start making people habitual of the technology which is not needed for them.

So people are habitual of taking the help of the things which is not needed and they create the dependency on these things. We need to find these dependencies in our life and also need to limit ourselves to have the dependency as only required. So it might have the control on the bad things happen because of that technology and people will be more knowledgeable as they will be having less dependencies.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Cyanogen Android Operating System

by Ziuby

New OS Cyanogen is there in market who wish to take android from Google, a western world without Google free android doesn’t make good picture, after all tie-up with Google gives great contribution in androids popularity, due to its Google services, like Google play, G-mail, Google hangout etc.

In China Android is available without Google services because Google walked away from China 5 years ago because of government issues,Cyanogen wants to target market in China where some brands like Xiaomi are becoming more popular.


There are few reasons why cyanogen is getting attention

• Cyanogen provide enhanced features like ad blocking, over clocking & under clocking this comes under inbuilt root support.

• No bloatware or useless apps  which are provided by the company by default are present in Cyanogen

• You can also use the latest version of Android within days of the update being pushed by Google

• Unlike stock android cyanogen supports themes engine which enables application of a large variety of themes

• Cyanogen having phone is more secure than the default android because It Is designed with highest security norms.


Google and Quantum Computers

by Ziuby

Google's scientists have figured and solved the biggest problem faced during the
development of quantum computers.

The quantum computer can calculate something in few seconds where same calculations
can took a year to solve by using the current computers. Scientists are saying that they
reached nearby half way to make the quantum computers reality.

The quantum computers uses the "qubits" instead of "bits". The normal computers uses the
"bits" threw which it is able to store information as a 1 or a 0 but using "qubits
technology" it is possible to store the information as a 1 and a 0 both. So it will be
storing the more information than the "bits".

The trouble faced by the scientists was that the qubits are incredibly unstable and makes
a lot of errors. The qubits hold the information only for a fraction of a second and also
for that fraction of second it requires the tempreture nearby zero and a noise free

The Google's researchers has figured out how to stabilize an array of nine qubits.


Friday, 20 March 2015

Facebook set its sights on "www.thefind.com"

by Ziuby

"Facebook" popular social networking site has acquired an another site "www.thefind.com". TheFind is a shopping search site and based in Mountain View, California. The shopping site allows its users to search hundreds of different sites for a particular product at once. TheFind company said that for last nine years they have worked hard to bring an easy shopping experience for their users so that they can have many options for any product purchase on the web.

The terms of the deal between Facebook and thefind was not disclosed. But company cleared that it is going to join the Facebook and users are no longer able to do the search through "thefind.com" in next few weeks.

Soon you might use the Facebook Messenger using third-party apps. The social networking site Facebook announced nearby 20 third-party services, using which users of those services will be able to use the Facebook messenger. Its not yet clear that what and how will be the integration and how it will look like but Facebook is planning to expand its networg by this as it always does.


Google says its FaceNet is best for facial recognition.

by Ziuby

According to Google's researchers Florian Schroff, Dmitry Kalenichenko and James Philbin the
facial recognition system FaceNet is the best available in the market.

They said that the system achieved a new record of accuracy 99.63 per cent on the widely
used Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset. The system uses an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning, able to recognize voices and content of text written.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nokia’s free maps for Apple users

by Ziuby

Nokia is well known providers of global computerised roadmapservice , they have history of working with various industries for an example automotive companies, they share approx. 80 % of market share for inbuilt automotive maps.

After a successful launch of the free mapping serviceson #Android devices.Now  #Nokia started to providethis mapping services for  #Apple users for free in Apple's #App  #Store.                                                              

For the devices which have #IOS such as #IPhones and #IPads , the service of offline maps with navigation and search features which covers more than 150 countries is immediately available.
The map is the inbuilt and fixed feature of #windows phones which is having good real time market or we can say that traffic for more than 40 countries

From the sources of media ‘#Nokia said Thursday that more than 4 million users have downloaded HERE apps since its #Android launch last year. ‘

Adobe Photoshop magic with 2 new mobile apps

by Ziuby

Adobe Photoshop magic with 2 new mobile apps

When we talks about the software of "Adobe", the engineers refer something called "Photoshop magic".
This is because they try to make polular their image-editing software and mobile apps.

Now Adobe engineers made availabe its "Photoshop magic" to the two new mobile apps "Acrobat mobile"
and "Mobile sign", which is available for android, iOS and windows.

Using the apps user are able to create and edit the PDFs from their device. It also allows user to
take the photo of the document with their mobile and automaticlly convert it into PDF.
The app is able to detect the enhancment need to be done and adjust them automaticlly for fine


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Cities In India To Get Public Wi-Fi Facility!

by Ziuby

From the sources of media , Government is planning to give Wi-Fi services to top 25 cities at selected public areas, targeting population of more than 1 million by June 2015. The government is planning to provide the Wi-Fi services  to cities which havemore than 1 million population and also the other tourist destinations by December 2015 ,this is because the  ‘Digital India’ initiative term it is reported that The government has already noticed 25 famous  archaeological monuments, for this  wifi service program .which are listed as Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Qutub Complex in Delhi, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri Sravasti and Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh, Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram, Vaishali-Kohua in Bihar, Martand Temple and Leh Palace in J&K, Konark Temple in Odisha, Rani-ki Vav Gujarat, Khajuraho and Mandu in Madhya Pradesh and Rang Ghar in Assam.

 This is one of the good steps taken towards increasing trend of technology which surely gonna help a lot ,looking forward to it.


Microsoft Office for Android Users

by Ziuby

Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications will now be available freely for Android users.

Microsoft announced that its Word, Excel and PowerPoint app
Company also released an application for Outlook email program to run on Apple's iPhone and iPad, hoping to attract the millions of users who uses Outlook from their work desktops and personal PC’s too.
Microsoft is looking to build up a base of potential users by offering this Office app on Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS. Which it can later persuade to sign up for Office 365, the full, Internet-based version of Office starting at $7 a month for personal users.

Applications will be available soon and free for android users. This step is taken for getting more mobile customers as possibly using its software. #ziuby

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Firefox OS

by Ziuby

When you hear about Firefox you must think about it as a browser.  Soon, you will have Firefox on your smartphone and tablet too, not just as a browser application but as an OS. It will be running your mobile device.

Mozilla is currently developing its OS for smartphone, tablets, etc. It uses the Gecko engine that allows users to use open Web standards to develop and run applications.Mozilla is working on its development for more than one year and still has to come out with a working prototype of their much-publicized OS.But they recently introduce an add-on that you could install on your Firefox browser.  The add-on will simulate how the new OS would run and function.
Let’s wait and watch for this new OS which might provide some new and unique features to the smartphones and related devices.
Report based on media resources.


If Google can then other Internet service carriers will follow

by Ziuby

Taking help of networks Sprint and T-Mobile Google is planning to offer wireless phone service to customers.If results and output are on expected track, Google will provide exciting offers to their customers.
As there will be economically cheaper plan for internet usage, more % of people will be on web and all over people will communicate easily. To do this Google is having its own business mind, increasing the new visitors it is ultimately going to increase turnover of Google.
In current days, Google is the one who is master in all. Search Engine, largest advertising network, technical tools, Games and Application, Android mobile operating system are major services where Google is rolling the world.                                           

 If Google will come up with this wireless phone service that too with offer plans, other service provider will offer better deals and services or risk losing customers.
Wireless Internet marketing is the next areas where Google will be enter by buying access on the networks of sprint and T-Mobile. In this area company is not have any previous expertise, so they to set up its own operations to handle customer service and billing.
Let’s hope Google will enter in wireless phone service and it will help people to get on internet.



Sunday, 1 March 2015

Apple iWatch gets new Juice

by Ziuby

Apple is launching the watch which will be having very unique features into it. This highly awaiting watch is expected to be launch by march-end in the United States, by taking follow up comes to know that it’s working on final polishing its OS and testing the battery life of the watch.
The company was targeting to achieve the 19 hours of a day.A new 9 to 5 Mac report says that initially Apple is targeting to have one day back up with all small activities and large back thread activities.

 However, In 2014 Apple initially targeting to provide 2.5 to 4 hours of active usage compared to 19 hours.
If the watch is conducting any heavy application such as game and video playing then it should have 2.5 hours usage and for 3.5 hours for standard app use. For the fitness tracking capabilities, Apple targets 4 hours of usage on a single charge. Testing is conducting in various aspects to prove the quality of battery so it will be able to run all heavy application.

 If the battery usage is good enough to utilize all application on watch then and then only it is going to be captured the market because if battery is going to be constraint then it will be tedious to use it.
There are three type of Apple watch;Apple Watch (custom alloys of polished or space black stainless steel)
Apple Watch Sport (space gray or silver anodized aluminum)  And Apple Watch Edition (18-karat rose or yellow gold).


Facebook , where am I ?

by Ziuby

Even if you're logged out of the Facebook app, Facebook can track your every move, this is because Facebook have updated its privacy policy.


This new privacy policy allows Facebook to have your data from the internet , including online searches, and information shared with online retailers .A  spokesman from Facebook said "It takes into account pages and places visited on Facebook, alongside browsing on the internet at large."For some privacy loving Facebook user this might not be the good news, but Facebook clamming it as good thing as it help to improvise the user experience.But as part of relief you can customize privacy setting to overcome  some part of new policy .


Wi Fi Finder App

by Ziuby   

Wi-Fi finder is an app for mobile , tablet on Google Play which work to find Wi-Fi in area wherever  we go. This app is available free of cost as well as Paid (For Rs.57.38). It requires phone call permission on the phone version or based on model to get connected easily with the Wi-fi location. This app will never make call without clicking on call icon by confirming that whether you would like to call on not. It is the simple app for finding either free or paid Wi Fi. It is the app which is best for travelers while they are roaming outside .from they will be able to find and use it easily.

Following are some features of Wi-Fi Finder:

1)It searches Wi Fi World Wide.
2)Scan for Wi-Fi hotspots around you.
3)Search for public Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.
4)View Wi-Fi hotspot detail, call location, get directions or share the hotspot.
5)Filter results by location (college,cafe, hotel, etc.) or provider type.
6)Works both online and offline.                                                 

This app is available at Google play store so everyone can installed in on their smartphones and can use it easily. And it is useful app for travelers and all the users too.