Tuesday, 3 March 2015

If Google can then other Internet service carriers will follow

by Ziuby

Taking help of networks Sprint and T-Mobile Google is planning to offer wireless phone service to customers.If results and output are on expected track, Google will provide exciting offers to their customers.
As there will be economically cheaper plan for internet usage, more % of people will be on web and all over people will communicate easily. To do this Google is having its own business mind, increasing the new visitors it is ultimately going to increase turnover of Google.
In current days, Google is the one who is master in all. Search Engine, largest advertising network, technical tools, Games and Application, Android mobile operating system are major services where Google is rolling the world.                                           

 If Google will come up with this wireless phone service that too with offer plans, other service provider will offer better deals and services or risk losing customers.
Wireless Internet marketing is the next areas where Google will be enter by buying access on the networks of sprint and T-Mobile. In this area company is not have any previous expertise, so they to set up its own operations to handle customer service and billing.
Let’s hope Google will enter in wireless phone service and it will help people to get on internet.