Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nokia’s free maps for Apple users

by Ziuby

Nokia is well known providers of global computerised roadmapservice , they have history of working with various industries for an example automotive companies, they share approx. 80 % of market share for inbuilt automotive maps.

After a successful launch of the free mapping serviceson #Android devices.Now  #Nokia started to providethis mapping services for  #Apple users for free in Apple's #App  #Store.                                                              

For the devices which have #IOS such as #IPhones and #IPads , the service of offline maps with navigation and search features which covers more than 150 countries is immediately available.
The map is the inbuilt and fixed feature of #windows phones which is having good real time market or we can say that traffic for more than 40 countries

From the sources of media ‘#Nokia said Thursday that more than 4 million users have downloaded HERE apps since its #Android launch last year. ‘