Monday, 30 March 2015

Cyanogen Android Operating System

by Ziuby

New OS Cyanogen is there in market who wish to take android from Google, a western world without Google free android doesn’t make good picture, after all tie-up with Google gives great contribution in androids popularity, due to its Google services, like Google play, G-mail, Google hangout etc.

In China Android is available without Google services because Google walked away from China 5 years ago because of government issues,Cyanogen wants to target market in China where some brands like Xiaomi are becoming more popular.


There are few reasons why cyanogen is getting attention

• Cyanogen provide enhanced features like ad blocking, over clocking & under clocking this comes under inbuilt root support.

• No bloatware or useless apps  which are provided by the company by default are present in Cyanogen

• You can also use the latest version of Android within days of the update being pushed by Google

• Unlike stock android cyanogen supports themes engine which enables application of a large variety of themes

• Cyanogen having phone is more secure than the default android because It Is designed with highest security norms.