Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Find your dependency on technology

by Ziuby

In this Tech-world there are so many technologies coming day by day.  These technological inventions done by the people living around us, Individual or team do some great invention to help people and make life easy.

Now look to it’s another part as the invention take place and people implements it to the goodness of society some of them do it for making money, getting popularity and so on. By this they start making people habitual of the technology which is not needed for them.

So people are habitual of taking the help of the things which is not needed and they create the dependency on these things. We need to find these dependencies in our life and also need to limit ourselves to have the dependency as only required. So it might have the control on the bad things happen because of that technology and people will be more knowledgeable as they will be having less dependencies.