Thursday, 31 March 2016


Truecaller acts on a give and take scenario... You want those unknown numbers then you have to part with your phone contacts. Now apparently everyone who have installed the app has surrendered his phone book. The data is crowded from the millions of users who have downloaded the truecaller app on their smart phones. As part of the end user, the truecaller app asks the user to allow access to the user's contacts on the smart phone. This data is then uploaded by the app to the company servers. After going through several data matching/refining algorithms, this data is then available to the truecaller users to search upon.

The story must start from the login screen first. If you have already been using Truecaller, you might have seen that Truecaller only allows either Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo to access Truecaller app. If you don't have one you cannot connect to Truecaller database. This is because, FB, Gmail and Yahoo! are the most widely used social networking sites that contain a lot of phone numbers and contact details. It implies that when you use one of any social sites, your entire contacts including phone email ids, contact names, numbers will be uploaded to a secure Truecaller server. In case you login to the app using your mobile phones then the entire address book will be sent to the Truecaller servers.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Colour Phychology


The psychology of colour is based on the mental and the emotional effects colours have on sighted people in all the facets of life. There are some very subjective pieces to psychology of colour as well as some more accepted and proven elements. There will also be variations in interpretation, meaning, and also the perception between different cultures.

Colours have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rational. They have symbolic meaning that changes amongst different cultures and different countries.  We always face with colour choices all the time. The first crucial decision of the day usually comes in the morning when deciding what we should wear. Often times we will choose our clothes based on the colour of the mood we are feeling or wish to portray that particular day. Even more important than choice of wardrobe is the colour selection for your brand or your website. Colour research and planning is a vital part of the designing process. Before you begin a design you must choose the appropriate colours that are effective in enforcing the brand, message and overall tone.
Colours are a part of our pop-culture and tradition. We associate our favourite sports team by their team colours. Red Sox, White Sox, Cleveland Browns, Duke Blue Devils are among a few teams to incorporate a colour into their names. Colours have become a part of our day to day vocabulary; "Canary Yellow" "Carolina Blue" "John Deere Green" "Fire Engine Red."
There are the three primary colours of Red, Blue and Yellow. Then there are secondary colours also of Green, Orange and Purple. Additionally, there are Tertiary colours that are combinations of the first two of the sets. Complimentary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and often evoke the feelings of excitement. Analogous colours are those that are close to each other on the colour of wheel. These give a particular feeling whether it be warm and cosy or cold and depressing.
There are many different technical aspects when it comes to working with colours. In the print world Pantone and CMYK are the colour formats, while online RGB and Hexadecimal is the medium. Because of this it is important that both the web and graphic designers work closely on the colour process to make sure their colours transfer smoothly from one medium to another. A colour may look one way on a particular screen but when the printed out it looks totally different. It is important to come up with a colour palate listing all of the different colour codes that will ensure a unified colour scheme throughout print and web.

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

5 W’s Of Digital Marketing


Everyone knows the 5 W’s very well:
This 5 w’s are very helpful in measuring our conventional routines as well as corporate services to offer best strategies for Marketing. These are some factors to hover which show the importance of Digital Marketing.

1. What is Digital Marketing?
It is a term and way of marketing used for measurable, focused, and interactive marketing of products or brands. It differs from normal traditional marketing strategy in various factors such as cost, effectiveness and rapid results.
2. Why Digital Marketing?
Today’s world is rapidly shifting to digital instead of analogue. Peoples are utilizing more digital content on a daily basis, like on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers at work, and more instead.
Why it is so important?
Because, it is not only rapidly growing marketing strategy, but it is set to be the future of marketing.
The fact is that digital marketing is faster, more flexible, practical and efficient.
3. Where Digital Marketing is helpful?
DM is helpful for:
-Generating better revenues.
-Facilitating interaction with targeted audience.
-Building brand reputation.
-Aware users of your product, brand.
-Ensures online business survival.
-Searching and engaging your customers.
4. Who can use Digital Marketing?
Every online and offline business needed marketing in today’s world can adopt Digital Marketing. DM is very quick in comparison with traditional marketing. All the corporate businesses (IT Industries, Product Manufacturing companies,

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet in India


During his keynote speech at the Future Unleashed event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company will bring its Surface Pro tablet to the domestic market in January.
Announced in October this year, Surface Pro 4 is a convertible tablet powered by Windows 10 operating system.

The new Surface Pro 4 tablet -- a larger but thinner and lighter version of the Surface Pro 3. Launched nearly a year and a half after its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4 features a 12.3-inch screen with 267ppi. It runs on 6th-generation Intel Core processor and has 16GB of RAM, 1TB storage packs a G5 chipset, reportedly designed by Microsoft.
This October in Mumbai, during Future Unleashed event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made announcement regarding launch of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet in Indian domestic market this January 2016. Which has been launched at cost of $899 in US last month.
The software as well as hardware specifications of the Surface Pro 4 are:
1. Surface Pro 4 tablet will have windows 10 operating system.
2. It has 12.3-inch screen with 267ppi it is called as Pixel Sense display by Microsoft.

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Friday, 25 March 2016

The Rise and Fall of Adobe Flash


Flash as a tool is a very useful tool to create interactive and dynamic web content. Flash content is easy to load and give “interactivity” option to users. There are two versions of flash available in the market; Shockwave and Flash. People get confused between the two siblings as both of them come under the Adobe umbrella. But in fact, Shockwave was published by Macromedia in 1995, which was then acquired by Adobe in 2005. Both these plug-ins are popular among the masses but Flash takes the cherry due to its dependence on vector graphics, which makes them internet friendly. The advantage of this set-up makes Flash plug-in pip the popularity charts over Shockwave.

Shockwave is also used to build interactive multimedia applications and video games. Shockwave supports raster graphics, basic vector graphics, 3D graphics, audio, and an embedded scripting language called Lingo. Shockwave came into light when tonnes of free online video games were developed and published on sites such as Miniclip and Adobe developed Adobe AIR as a supplementary plug-in to combat rising demands for 3D rendering capabilities, object-oriented programming language, and capacity to run as a native executable on multiple platforms’.
Even with its popularity, Adobe flash was criticised by one of the major tech giants; Apple. Steve Jobs in his open letter cited Flash as a tool of ‘rapid energy consumption, poor performance on mobile devices, abysmal security, lack of touch support, and desire to avoid "a third party layer of software coming between the platform and the developer". Industry experts claimed Steve Jobs declaration was merely for business reasons as Apple’s systems suffered through similar drawbacks as well. Apple’s official website quotes “Apple would rather use HTML5, CSS and Javascript which has open standards as compared to ‘Closed’ Flash”. HTML5 is a new web standard which is now being widely accepted and used by Apple, Google and many others.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How Youtube Works?


In Feb 2005, the three PayPal employees launched a beta test version of a Web site named as YouTube. They designed this site to let people share videos with rest of the world. After that In November 2005, Sequoia Capital invested more than $3 million in this site, and later a month YouTube emerged as fully fledged web destination. It did not take long for the site to become very popular, and in November 2006, the Internet search engine goliath Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. As the company has grown early, so has the scope of videos on this site.

In early days of YouTube, you could find videos showing interesting locations, crazy stunts and hilarious pranks. You can still find that sort of the content’s today, but you'll also see musical performances, political debates , instructional videos and unfiltered war footage, educational & inspirational videos. In 2007, YouTube also provided members with a way to interact with potential United States presidential candidates. The members of YouTube submitted video questions and CNN featured some of them are in Democratic and Republican candidate debates.

YouTube has also become the center of several controversies, One of the most publicized controversies involves in copyright infringement. YouTube does not...

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Data Warehouse


Data Warehousing :-
DWH (Data Warehousing)  is type of relational data base system specially designed for query analysis processing rather than transactional processing.
1. The DWH systems are also called as Historical Db’s, Read only Db’s, Integrated Db’s, Decision Supporting System, Executive info System, Business Info System.
Question :-
Why should we consider Data Warehousing solutions?
When users are requesting access to a large amount of historical information for reporting purposes, you should strongly consider a warehouse or mart. The user will benefit when the information is organized in an efficient manner for this type of access.
Characteristics of DWH :-
    1. Subject Oriented
    2. Non Volatile
    3. Integrated
    4. Time Variant
Subject-oriented :-
    a. DWH is organized around variety subjects such as sales,product,customer.
    b. It helps decision makers to focuses on modeling and analysis of data.
    c. Excludes data not useful in decision support process.
Integration :-
    a. Data Warehouse is constructed by integrating multiple data marts.
    b. Data Preprocessing are applied to ensure consistency.
Time-variant :-
    a. Provides information bulk of older data to research
    b. Every key structure contains either implicitly or explicitly an element of time
Nonvolatile :-
    a. Data once recorded cannot be updated.
    b. Data warehouse requires two operations in data accessing
Three Data Warehouse Models :-
1. Enterprise warehouse :-
       a. collects all of the information about all subjects of all datamarts of the organization.
2. Data Mart :-
       a. a subset of corporate-wide data that is of value to a specific groups of users.  Its scope is confined to specific, selected groups, such as marketing data

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing


Digital Marketing <> Internet Marketing
-What differ digital marketing from internet marketing?
“Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing are those two words which  often seem identical, but they make a great difference.”
Digital marketing:-
Digital marketing is very broad term that describes a marketing processes that utilizes digital channels to promote a product, a service or build a digital brand.  Digital marketing has becomes in picture from traditional marketing and the transition from paper and newspaper ads to Facebook and Page Per Click campaigns.
Digital media is so widespread that consumers have access to information any time whenever needed and any place they want. The marketing strategies are very much changed With advent of various digital sources. Now marketing and promotions is no more limited to the traditional sources.
The channels which can be utilized in digital marketing include:
1. SEO – is a process of improving the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages.
2. Video marketing
3. Pay per click campaigns
4. Web sites
5. Social media platforms
6. Web TV

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Thursday, 17 March 2016


What is Google AdSense?
AdSense is one of the most convenient way to make additional money from your website. All you do is copy some code into your site to display the ads, and you earn every time someone clicks. You may also earn from impressions in some cases. All this is derived from a program they call AdWords PPC (pay per click) marketing.
Often see these ads displayed above the free or organic results & along with the right side of the page on Google. These are called as Sponsored Results, & the advertisers are paying a certain amount of money per click (Pay Per Click in short this concept called as PPC.) for these ads.
AdSense is your revenue share from AdWords ads. When someone clicks, you earn roughly 60% to 68% of the click and Google gets the rest. AdSense is an auction-based system that allows to advertisers competes for those spots. Whoever has the highest bid and most "quality" ad, gets the top spot and so forth.
It's a great program that can help drive additional income to your website, and it's really best for websites that are mainly content driven. The more content you have, the more Google can get a sense for what your site is about and better match the ads to your website. AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme and it takes a lot of work to make more money. Don't think that its just because you join, you are guaranteed to make big money.

Is it possible that we can see our ad on our page?
Yes, when you have got your ads running & up, then you will be able to see them on your website. A important thing to remember though, that is “not to click on your own ads”. Clicking on your own ads for any reason is not permitted by the Google AdSense program policies.

Can we remove our ad if we don’t like?
Yes. There is Allow & block ads tab in your AdSense account lets you need to review individual ads and choose whether to let them show or not on your page. Check out googles adsense policy guide to allowing & blocking ads on your site.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Instant order email


How to send instant order
In Magento v1.9, Sales transaction emails are not sent instantly, they are queued. The order emails are sent after an interval time that are queued. Thus Magento transactional emails will be sent after the set cron job interval. If there are many mails in the list then sending procedure decreases and not easy to handle. Therefore, sales order emails should be hit instantly. It sends when Magento cron jobs is initiated.

There are two solutions to this problem.
Solution 1: To set cron job in magento server with 5 minutes of interval.
*/5 * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q

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Thursday, 10 March 2016



Smart object are like the layers in Photoshop that contain the images from the vector content like the Photoshop or the illustrator.
Sometimes editing an image would make the original image content to change. For example the image may be blurred if the size of the image is increased or decreased or the image may lose its quality if it is a high definition image. All these issues are a major concern when we upload images on the websites or use it for web based purpose.
Optimizing an image for web use is one good option before we actually include the images into our websites. 

Smart Objects preserve an image’s source content with all its original characteristics that enable the editing of the layer without destroying the properties of the layer.
·         Using the Smart Object you can perform transformation that are non destructive in nature i.e. the user can easily scale, rotate, distort or wrap the layer without losing the image’s original quality.
·         The vector data from the illustrator is rasterized in Photoshop; to avoid this we can make use of Smart Objects.
·         It is possible to edit filters applied to Smart Objects at any time.
·         Edit one Smart Object and automatically update all its linked instances.
·         We can try various designs with low-resolution placeholder images that we can later replace with final versions.

Linked Smart Objects
This feature was introduced in the Photoshop CC 14.2 update and made it possible to use external source files for Smart Objects. We can use an image or vector file in several Photoshop documents as a Linked Smart Object.
If you modify the original object later on, it will automatically update in all of your PSD files i.e. edit one Smart Object and automatically update all its linked instances.
Another advantage to Linked Smart Objects is that they won't increase your Photoshop document's file size.
Thus Smart Objects are an incredibly powerful tool in Photoshop. They can be used to speed up your workflow but also to retain the quality of your images, and reduce file size.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Scribble Pen


Scribble's 16 million color pens can match its ink to the shade of any real world object

Scribble, available either as a conventional ink pen or as a mobile device-compatible stylus, works with an advanced color sensor and microprocessor backed by LEDs that illuminate and scan whatever you like. Scribble is a pen that can scan the color of any object and immediately begin drawing in that color. The Scribble Pen is invented Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman

Technical Specifications:

*RGB Color sensor                                    * 1-2 Second color capture time
*Very ACCURATE color reproduction    *Compatible with PHOTOSHOP
*Advanced Ink management system         *1GB internal memory
*ARM Processor                                        *Micro USB charging
*Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery           *Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)
*Lightfast long lasting Ink                         *Capacitive rubber nib & Harder finer tips
*Nib set for the INK pen: Our nib set offers you a fantastic range of stroke weights. Choose from fine to heavy depending on your mood! We offer 6 tip sizes, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.71mm
*Supports iPhone and Android OS         *Supports PC and MAC

Program your own custom colors: Program your own dream colors via our Mobile App. You can add and draw without worrying about what is captured on the Pen sensor. One of the most outstanding features of the Scribble is that, since it can reproduce any color, it replaces thousands of marking pens, thereby greatly reducing the huge amount of plastic waste cluttering up our landfills all over the world.

How does the gadget work?
Scribble pen works by making use of a color sensor and a microprocessor which is capable of detecting colors. Afterwards, a mixture is made to create the required ink for drawing by making use of small refillable ink cartridges which are stored inside its body. According to the information available; a Scribble Stylus will also be soon revealed which will be accompanied by an app which will bring the captured colors to the artist’s smartphone or tablet by employing Bluetooth.
The creators, Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman said; we know people are going to love it.’ The plans on starting a Kick starter campaign soon and will retail it for about $150 without the Stylus ($80).