Saturday, 28 February 2015

WhatsApp plans free calling in India

by Ziuby

WhatsApp Already enjoys a big customer base and wide variety of users.  It is pretty evident that the popularity and market penetration of this social media app is astounding considering the its short life cycle.

The team at WhatsApp have been busy with constant upadates every month or so to keep the users hooked in. Now they are targeting a new market with a very enticing new feature "Free Calling". WhatsApp are targeting India specifically with this cool new feature.. But the announcement seems to have been hastened due to the fact that another Indian messaging app Hike messenger had announced to make this available. Hike has already made it available to its around 35 million users in India and elsewhere and this is the reason that WhatsApp has been forced to make the announcement so hastily. So we must be thankful to Kevin Mittal for forcing the global messaging giant to act this fast.                 

 Although it seems that Hike has a pretty specific market and have been focusing only in their Local market , still they are giving a fight to the foreign companies significantly. There has been lots of things backing the WhatsApp people be it Facebook or be it the new Indian laws promoting healthy foreign investment. Amongst all this one thing is for sure the end user will surely benefit.