Saturday, 21 February 2015

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

One of the things that make this app different is the visual display. It looks different on display, compared to the forerunner. And here are some of the common features of the WhatsApp Plus;

·        Downloadable Themes. There are over 1000 themes that you can download from the app itself. And you can select them in terms of the most downloaded, and the category. You can also search by title.

·        Customizable appearance. You can also choose to customize the fonts, wallpaper and chat background.

·        Hide Online Availability. You can choose to hide your online presence, whereby your contacts might not see when last you were online, or if you are online. However, you might also not see if your contacts are online, if you use this option.

 This just add to list of app options a consumer will get to enjoy. App like Viber, Hike  already present in the market. Considering the number of smartphone users , it is a pretty leveled field for these companies to compete on.