Thursday, 26 February 2015

Facebook: Empathize or Dislike

by Ziuby

On Facebook, many people post, upload many things for various purposes. Mostly it is used for personal use like photo sharing, view sharing, occasion’s information etc. Face book can also be used business use such as advertisements.

If person genuinely like their posts and uploads, Like button is the way to express it. But if they don't rather than having dislike button, they can avoid giving any kind of response to it .because dislike button psychologically gives Negative impact on person you are giving dislike response. Another suggestion that was floating around in the digital world was ’empathize’ button. This will reduce the negative effect or vibe of the word dislike. Maybe the best idea would be all together avoiding the concept and going with the approach that doesn’t hamper or affect any community, countries or persons sentiment.