Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Google Game

by Ziuby

First of all I would like to ask you that, Do You Know ThisGame ?I called it as “Google game”,it’s a game provided by Renounced organization “GOOGLE”. Where we can Entertain yourself  apart from our work. Especially, for those who are continuously working on computer and internet. Many people may know about this game while many people may not know. So, here are some information and guidelines about The Google Game.


1) Disconnect the Internet connection if it is on.
2) Open Google Chrome browser.
3) Type www.google.com in the address bar
4) Click enter.
5) You Will see the following image:

6) After seeing this, you can use either space bar button or up arrow key for navigation.
7) By using space bar button or up arrow key you  have to jumped that Dynasore.
8) By jumping you have to avoid that Cactus which will come on the way.

Pros :
1) This game can be plays without the internet connection that’s the best part of it.
2) It is so User friendly.
3) Very simple to look.
4) Can be played by using Google Chrome only.

1) No musical sounds
2) It can be played by only one player at a time.
3) No colour graphical layouts are provided for it.
4) It does not allow playing this game on any browser rather than G Chrome.

Basically it’s a very simple game to play so enjoy the game whenever you will get fade up from ur work or want to entertain yourself.