Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Apple featuring the all new iOS 9 Beta1

by Ziuby

The most creative brand has brought a new and a volatile product in the history of the apple. Yes we are talking about iOS version 9 Beta 1.

We all have seen the apple version fromiOS  1x to iOS 8 which have initiated from the first iteration of apple touch centric mobile OS to the all-new iCloud and many more features.
Now the company has introduces its latest operating system with all of the advance feature and they called it iOS 9 Beta 1.

There are many features of this beast Operating System. Let us review one by one.

1. First and the very most interesting feature is if any Android user is willing to move to the iOS without losing any of the contact details or anything like songs, videos, mail accounts etc. then he can be able to move easily by using Move to iOS app

2. Apple has added a NEWS application to the user’s home screen which help users to be updated an daily or hourly or even the on the go basis news feed.

3. Modified notes application, now you can be to take your notes from anywhere, no matter which app is running, convert list into check list

4. Ours favorite Siri powers a more intelligent search provides more relevant search than ever.

5. Many more feature such as, enhanced battery life, save more cards in Apple pay, Carplay option for those whose car supports wireless connection, Multitasking, Improved security and many more…


Overall Apple is producing a best OS till date which helps customers in more easy n relevant way to live their life with iOS 9.