Thursday, 25 February 2016

Business Communication & Etiquette


In terms of business; Communication and etiquettes are the key parameters to grow. These two words are treated as “soft” skills, but they are vitally important to the successful running of a business. Appropriate behavior establishes trust among business contacts, and a good flow of communication improves the efficiency of any enterprise. Both of these outcomes can add materially to a business’ bottom line.

“Right etiquette smooth’s the way for business deals.”
Business Communication:- Business communication refers to how a company shares information    to promote its product or services to potential consumers.

Business etiquette:- It is a set of disciplines which is required to follow in a profession. In other words, it’s a way of representing yourself in such a way which would help you to be taken seriously by audience.
 Business etiquette includes following parameters:
1.   How we dress up
2.   Our personal grooming
3.   Our body language
4.   Way of our handshake
5.   And the fluency of our communications skills.
 And as the world is changing the rules of business etiquette are also changing so we must need to adopt the change accordingly.

Business communication is considered as soft skills, and is important for the successful conduct of a business. Good behavior establishes trust among business clients, and good communication improves the efficiency of any enterprise. It is also responsible for maintaining the long term relationship.
An effective communication has the ability to convert the negative situation into positive one.
Dealing with contacts outside of our own organization, etiquette and communication skills contribute for making the first impression.
Good Communication avoids the misunderstanding between team members and colleagues and also helps to produce the quality output.
Email, texts are the ways of communication through which we communicate with any client outside the city or country so the content should be proper, understandable, effective, brief and informational.
Listening is also the most important business communication skill. When employees feel that they’re being listened, they feel respected and are more willing to share their feelings and opinions.
While working you should always appreciate others and try to motivate them and help them to improve their skills in a very good manner.
For Example - A new employee wants to discuss something in that case you must provide him/her proper guidance you should not de-motivate or discourage them even though it is a little thing.