Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Software Testing


Software testing is about looking at product from all the ends, point of views and testing it with respective expectations. It is difficult to develop the right mind set and to test the product with different aspects.
By testing the software we find and track the bugs and by suggesting new ideas for improvement, we contribute for betterment of the product, so surely Software testing is the most satisfactory job.

Understanding product and testing the same considering different factors of functionality, performance, security, GUI and many others, is not that easy task. Also now days, it is becoming more complex due to mobile applications and many others new gadgets. In fact it is the big challenge to cover the vast range of available devices and to check the behavior of application keeping the goal of response time and usability. 

As software testing includes understanding requirements, preparation of test plan, test strategies and test cases, test cases execution, reporting of tests performed and test summary. This Cycle continues till the last phase of product delivery.
The ultimate purpose of software testing is not about finding mistakes or bugs but to make quality product.

A good software tester must understand what customer wants, should study about market and analyze latest trends. Software tester must provide relevant information to the client; interpret the importance of the product for the customer. Ultimately put on shoes of customer and work on product. Software testing is about understanding importance of test cases and tweaking them as per the requirement and analyzing results to provide best results. It is not just about mechanically executing 50 test cases per day.
By testing the software, tester finds bugs and analyzes product from different perspectives, which helps to improve  the product and which helps to grow the confidence about developed product.

Yes, software testing is the most interesting job because it throws challenges to you for every moment. You have to broaden your mind to understand something, to find out how it should work and how it should not, to study the normalized behavior, to improve the analysis power, learning new tools and to implement the learning in real life.

As a software tester, most of the time you are pushed up to complete the task early. Estimated time for the product is mostly taken by development and fixing the defects found in initial rounds of testing. Ultimately you are left with very less or no time and with big responsibility of signing the product as “TESTED”. So to handle these situations you have to understand priority of the work and convey accordingly.

If you love to face the challenges and you have the confidence to tackle those challenges, then Software testing is the right field for you.