Wednesday, 26 October 2016

7 Step towards writing an effective Blog…


If you want your blog to be perfect and appealing to the wider set of audiences then you just have to follow 10 easy steps:
1)Know your Target Audience:
Before you start writing anything just pause for a minute and think of your target audience, know in details about their likes and dislikes, their reading habits and the something related to their behavior and their standard of Living.
If your writings are not relevant or based on the above pointers then your blog would not stand out from the larger pool of blog writers.

2)Select a Relevant Title:
Before you proceed with the write up, first try to capture all the elements of the topic and based on the summarized description draft a simple title which gives overall description of the topic.
Tile should be clear, easy to understand and should clover the given topic.
Examples of Good titles:
5 steps to have a healthy life.  OR  How can I have a healthy life?

3)  Captivating Introduction:
This, I can say is the most difficult and important part of your blog. First paragraph usually your introduction is the most important and eye catching section for the Readers.
Introduction sector decides whether your reader would remain on the blog to read further or he/she will switch to read something else.
If your first impression is interesting and relevant to the reader then he/she might continue to read otherwise it will turn off your reader.

4) Organized Content:
Make sure your content is organized and all the information is described in an understandable format. All the information should be in a flow and interlinked with the story/topic writing.

5) Proof Reading:
Once you are done writing the content the next step towards increasing the effectiveness of your blog is “Proof reading” you must always go revisit all the information which is drafted and make the desired changes wherever possible and make the blog more user friendly and easy to read with relevant information.
This will ensure that all the encountered errors while drafting the blog are corrected before going live.

6) Add-on related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
We should ensure that we keep all the possibilities of our blog reaching to a wider audience using SEO related standards such as # hash tags, Keywords which are consistently searched over the internet and interlinks to your other related blogs which are also known as back-linking feature.

7) Publishing it on relevant channels:
Now you are all set to publish your blog and share your stories with global audience.
Make sure you wisely select your channels accordingly to your selected topic and study related to your reader.
Please encourage sharing of real life experiences using blogs as a medium to reach wider set of audience. Good Luck!