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What is selenium:
Selenium is automated tool for testing an web application. This tool is an free ware available on internet , it also support different browsers  & platform. selenium is not an  single tool it is an suit of software which is basically classified according to the organization need . Selenium has four main Components which are as follow.

1)Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
2)Selenium Remote Control (RC)
3)Web Driver
4)Selenium Grid

Selenium Develop by:
As we are  aware that selenium is an collection of different tool, behind it there are team of developer’s. Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in 2004. He was working on web application which require frequently testing due to this it will take more time for manual testing an hole application. He write a script in java programming language that would automatically control the browser action. He has given a name as JavaScript TestRunner.
Let’s see brief introduction to all fore Components of Selenium.

1)Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE):
It is the most simplest framework in selenium suit, & this is most easier to learn. As we install plugging for web browsers, this also the same we have to install it on Firefox it is also called as Firefox Plugging. Because of this simplicity Selenium IDE is used basically for  prototyping tool. If we want to test an web application then Selenium IDE is not an proper option.

•It is very easy to use and install.
•No programming require for using this.
•It also provide extensions.
•It has built-in help & test result reporting module.

•It is only available in Firefox browser.
•It only design an prototype of testing.
•It does not require looping & conditional operations.

2)Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC):
Selenium RC is first automation testing tool, which will allow user to use programming language.

Following are the languages support by Selenium RC:

Advantages :
•Support cross browser & cross platform.
•Also support login functionality.
•Can support data driven testing .
•Can readily support new browser
•It is faster than IDE.

Disadvantages :
•Process of installation is more complex.
•It must require programming knowledge.
•Browser interaction is less realistic

3. Web Driver:
Selenium WebDriver itself is better than both Selenium IDE & Selenium RC in different perspective. It is  effective  modern and stable approach in automating the browser's actions. WebDriver, unlike Selenium RC, does not rely on JavaScript for Automation.WebDriver control the browser by  directly communicating it.

Where WebDriver support following programming language .

Advantages :
•Simpler installation than Selenium RC.
•It communicate directly with browser.
•Browser interaction is more realistic.
•Faster execution than IDE  & RC.

Disadvantages :
•Requires programming knowledge.
•It is more complex to install than Selenium IDE.
•Can not readily support new browser.

4. Selenium Grid:
•It is used to run your Selenium RC scripts in different browsers and operating systems simultaneously. Selenium Grid is a tool basically used with
•Enables simultaneous running of tests in multiple browsers and environments.
•Saves time enormously.
•Utilizes the hub-and-nodes concept. The hub acts as a central source of Selenium commands to each node connected to it.