Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Data Mining



Data mining is the mining of data. In simple terms the mining is the extraction of useful information from the bulk of data. Data mining is also known as knowledge discovery. It is a process of analyzing data from perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. Now a days, data is always available in bulk format and in large amount. But in actual this whole large amount of data is not needed all the time. The data which is useful is only needed therefore data mining is very useful and latest technology used.

   The extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases is done in data mining. It is a new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses because, the amount of raw data stored in corporate databases is exploding.

    Although data mining is still in its infancy, companies in a wide range of industries - including retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing transportation, and aerospace - are already using data mining tools and techniques to take advantage of historical data. For businesses, data mining is used to discover patterns and relationships in the data in order to help make better business decisions. Data mining can help spot sales trends, develop smarter marketing campaigns, and accurately predict customer loyalty. Data mining is sorting through data to identify patterns and establish relationships.