Friday, 19 May 2017



The discussion over what to use ASP.NET or PHP for web development projects has been a vast topic of for some recent years. Whatever is your businesses’ you may be in the confusion of deciding whether to use ASP.NET or PHP or vice versa. You are also in confusion which language is best to start with on your long journey towards building a strong presence for your business. The reality is that both ASP.NET and PHP are ideal languages that suits businesses of all sizes can rely on for building a connected digital ecosystem. 

Following are the comparison points related to PHP vs ASP.NET:

There is a misunderstanding about site speed is that the language you have chosen for coding in decides your site’s performance and performance. In Actual world there is very small difference between the overall performance of a PHP based site and an ASP.NET  based site. Just take an example, one of the most frequent tasks of any website is to query a database and output the results on User Interface. In the above mentioned example the coding language is simply interacting with the database and web servers to produce outcome. Both PHP and ASP.NET are having functionality to access file systems, get images, and display pages on a web server, and the speed of these performances rely much more on the database server, end user’s computer, and bandwidth, etc.

ASP.NET and PHP both are scalable languages. Scalability does not depend on language you choose it depends on the development talent you hire. In this regard you should take into consideration the state of your business.

PHP is open source its study material and amount of developers is far larger than ASP.NET Site (which is windows based). That’s being the main reason why PHP and .NET is compared always. So if you’re looking for solutions to problems, you’re able to find both communities helpful. That being said, while the ASP.NET Site community is comprised of dedicated developers there are quite a few less support contributors who are willing and able to post to forums and answer questions about ASP.NET challenges.

In contrast to this, PHP is such a widely used language that there are plenty of friendly developers active on different forums who are more than willing to offer free advice and guidance to those who ask for it. The biggest take away here is that while you’ll most likely be able to find answers to your questions in both communities, you’ll almost assuredly get those answers back more quickly when working within PHP forums.

The only main area where PHP leads over ASP.NET is the cost. PHP is open source, and thus, completely free, while ASP.NET is owned by Microsoft and comes with a web hosting fee.