Monday, 6 July 2015

Bridge the gap!

by Ziuby

Communication plays a key role in any organization. A lot can go wrong between an idea conception and actual execution. The more people involved in passing on the information, the more are the chances for loss of information. Perception is the way an individual looks at something and deduces his or her own interpretation. Especially in day to day task and which are closely related to any creative work it is easy going down the wrong path. Problems such as missing the delivery, wasting your resources time and not using the allocated time for the project efficiently are some common issues one might face.

When it comes to managing a clients expectations and helping him in executing the business ideas, it is crucial to maintain a very minimal loss of fidelity. The basic 101's of communication suggests that when information is being exchanged between two people through a medium, there is bound to be a loss of information. So since this is very closely related to the make or break, the successful execution of a project the question is how to avoid such scenarios.

Protocols! : It is very important to setup the right protocols for exchange of such information. Be it E-mails, Documents or in any other form the most important thing is to capture the information is a uniform standard way. You can design your own standards and perfect them over time but they are extremely important to maintain flow of information.

Right Person, Right Place: The Soft Skills set is a vital quality. It is very important for every employee to have some basic set of soft skills. This ensures that a person working in a team doesn't face major issues. Working in a team is based on trust and communication helps to build it. 

There are plenty of books available in the market that help in guiding you to setup a good environment for you organization in terms of exchange of information. But ultimately it depends on each individual to do his or her own part that helps to drive the entire machine.

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