Friday, 10 July 2015

Letter Writing and Landlines a thing of past !

by Ziuby

Technology has always been a factor where the keeping up with the market demands and pace of advancements have rendered plenty objects obsolete. A process of executing a certain task is always subjected to optimization and technology has impacted it a lot. So what has changed now ? Have we become more co-dependent on technology that we are loosing our abilities to perform simple tasks !

For a kid going to school letter writing was one of the most important and fun activity. Writing a letter to yourself and sending it to your own house was one fun activity almost everyone can look back on them fondly, same is the case when it comes to calling people on their landlines. But in light of new technology these simple joys are lost. Smartphones, E-chats, Micro-Blogging etc have changed the way we communicate. Although people are more available and global distances are reduced, it still seems that people are too co-dependent on technology. A postman now delivers only bills and a landlines phone has now became a decorative piece in the house !

It is now up to us to preserve the things, it is up to us to either type in lol or go ahead and really laugh out loud.

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