Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Point of Contact for a Project... Rock and a Hard Place

By Sakar,

It is the a very common practice that setting up a communication line for a project in development stages, especially when projects are outsourced or teams are located at different locations. Communication has always been a key factor in terms of stating>>understanding>>capturing requirements. The requirements may be project related or even as simple as sending out a mail.

Working in a Team and delivering quality solutions are some standard expectations. Although freelancers get their share of projects, there too communication plays a key role. It is very easy to go down the wrong path and end up spending valuable time, efforts for a moot cause. Clients & Consumers have become extremely aware towards new technologies and ways to use the digital revolution for their cause. Ultimately coming up with a good quality output can be a fair expectation if the processes are clean and optimised. It is the POC's job to act as a bridge between the two parties. Missing out on key information, missing crucial updates are some common issues that can rise. Following mentioned are some key areas POC should look into;

Setting up expectations with the Clients is a difficult job, there has to be linearity and uniformity in terms of points that are agreed by the both the parties to execute.

Provide timely updates. Sometimes there are updates that are time sensitive. These definitely have to be delivered in a particular time frame since losing on time would mean a big roadblock in terms of delivery of the projects.

Ensure that no information is lost when discussing the details of execution. Writing MOM's are the best way to keep everyone on the same page and don't miss on any crucial information.