Friday, 11 December 2015

Flexible keyboards

Veena Sawant 
The concept of flexible keyboards is breeze to minds.Most of the keyboards we're familiar with are actually rather complicated pieces of hardware, usually involving springs and wiring for dozens of keys. The prototype keyboard consists of two sensing layers within a single laminated structure. The surface is separated into nine different sensing regions, essentially creating nine programmable keys.
It's similar to a programmable on-screen keyboard that we're used to seeing on our touchscreens, but with the added bonus of being flexible and almost indestructible, at least when it comes to the simple drops that can destroy a touchscreen device.
Scientists have developed a soft, flexible and stretchable keyboard .the material used is a type of rubber known as a dielectric elastomer. The spatiality of the rubber is it can be wrapped around any object.
For example Imagine a world where you drop something, and it bounces back without any damage.
That's the benefit of these rubber devices .they are flexible and stretchable.This newly developed keyboard has a thin sheet of rubber. It can be wrapped around any object which turns it into a keyboard
The Flexible Keyboard is sort of an odd, yet very interesting gadget. Just like the name says it is a flexible keyboard which can easily be rolled up and carried with you.
The keyboard is perfect for portability and it’s also incredibly durable. It is constructed of high quality silicon which makes it very flexible yet tough enough to be shoved into a laptop bag so you can always have a good keyboard with you if you can’t stand the flat keys on laptops.
The keyboard features all the standard keys of a regular keyboard. The keys are also very well designed as they have soft touch technology which makes your typing silent so you can use it anywhere and not disturb anyone. This also makes it much more comfortable than tapping away at traditional keyboards.
Also since it will most likely be carried around with you it is dust and moisture proof so you don’t even have to keep your backpack or bag clean to carry it. It’s also perfect for laptop use as it plugs into your USB port if you don’t have a PS/2 port.

The Flexible Keyboard is a very adaptable fold able keyboard, which weighs just 250 grams. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs to travel with a keyboard. The size and layout of the keyboard are the same as a standard PC keyboard. Unlike other flexible keyboards, the keys have movement, so there is excellent feedback for the user each time a key is pressed. The keyboard is also completely waterproof.