Monday, 18 April 2016



ADO.NET consists of a data set of Objects. That describe data access services to the .NET environment and it is a data access technology. The Data access technology provide from Microsoft .Net Framework. Which is provides communications in between relational and non-relational systems through a common data set of components.
System, data, namespaces, etc. is the core of ADO.NET. It contains classes use by all data providers. Easily use for ADO.NET is designed. Microsoft Visual Studio is provides several wizards, also provides other features that you can use togenerate ADO.NET data access code. The two key components of ADO.NET are Data Providers and Dataset. The Data Provider classes are meant to work with different kinds of data-sources. They are used to perform all task data-management operations on specific databases.

 Class of dataset provides mechanisms for managing data when it is lost connection from the data source. The .Net Framework includes main three data providers for ADO.NET. They are providing specific of the Microsoft SQL server Data provider Object Linking and Embedding, Database Data provider and ODBC Data provider. SQL Server most uses the SqlConnection object, OLEDB uses the Ole-DB Connection Object and ODBC uses OdbcConnection Object respectively.

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