Saturday, 16 April 2016

Leadership – An impetus for successful organization


It is great saying that leader is the one who could not just “do things right” but also “do the right thing.”
The leader’s character make a great impact on the organizational growth of any business. However, there are different challenges for the leadership in an organization. But now a days challenges are not the same as it used to be.

Do we know what sort of leader is the right one? Who is the best leader- someone who is imaginative and fearless like Steve jobs or risk taker like Richard Branson or performance oriented like Jack Welch? Each leader have different style and there is no defined consensus for the most effective style of leadership. Indeed, the traits of the leader actually matters, but overall effectiveness of the leader largely depend on the surroundings, and the capabilities of the organization.
Effective leader is the one who is focused towards the company purpose. The purpose that resonates along with the capabilities and values of its people, and with the nature of the company’s business. Leader have a clear and focused explanation about his decisions and set the priorities for the business. He must have clear articulation about company- “why we do what we do”.

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