Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Importance of Graphic design in Social Media



Now a days Social Media has become one of the most popular and booming medium to be associated with friends, colleagues, family and more. As a company, every organization wants its hand on all possible social medium to gain attention and to interact with clients and customers.

Social media has become a part of business as it stands as another view of a company’s website.  Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are more familiar as it pulls on mass audience. It helps the company to reach its targeted audience and use it as a free promotion. These social media also helps the website to get employers and to understand the current trend. When we say social media the first thing comes to one’s mind is attractive images right from profile pictures to wall post and this is where graphic design plays its role.

Posts with unique images gain more response as well as communicate the right information. A graphic designer is the only one can design a proper image by understanding the requirement of the company and its client, moreover the images goes hand in with the relevant content posted. This brings in more audience to the page and also to the website. Having graphic designer will strengthen the brand and builds the trust among the social media audience.

Images used in the forum must be detail as well as small in size. Larger image will take time to load that can turn the user’s attention. Graphic designer should know such technics better and design it accordingly. According to a software developer major, tweet with images gets 88% of re-tweets than any other tweets with link or content. Hence images are prioritized in Electronic Medium.

Many social media like Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, istock and more are exclusively used only for image posting which has large audience. These forums are used to post creative works of an individual or company. Generally the images posted are unique and innovative. These designs on cartoon characters, fashionable clothing and living space, expect/anticipate the society’s future behavior pattern. To endure in this forum,the design and post has to be creative and that is possible only with the effective graphic designer.