Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A look into Green Computing for #2015 : From Current to Future Trends

 by Ziuby

The term ‘Green Computing’ is the study and practices that covers the computing lifecycle from cradle to grave. It start from design to manufacturing to use of equipment and then safely disposing-off computers, related devices, networking and communications equipment’s efficiently and effectively with negligible or no impact on the environment.

Current trends of #GreenComputing are towards efficient utilization of resources. Energy is considered as the main resource and the carbon footprints are considered the major threads to environment.

There are several areas where researchers are putting lots of efforts to achieve desired

1. Energy Consumption
2. E-waste Recycling.
3. Data Center Consolidation & Optimization
4. Virtualization
5. IT Products and Eco labeling

The reason to focus and analyze Future Trends is because of growth in computing needs, energy cost and global warming and this shift is great challenge for IT industry. The future of Green Computing in #2015 is going to be based on efficiency, rather than reduction in consumption. The primarily focus of Green IT is in the organization’s self interest in energy cost reduction, at #DataCenter and at desktops, and the result of which is the corresponding reduction in carbon generation.The secondary focus of Green IT needs to focus beyond energy use in the Data Center and #CloudComputing the focus should be on innovation and improving alignment with overall corporate social responsibility efforts.

There are few efforts, which all enterprises are supposed to take care of

1. Certifications
2. Cloud Computing
3. Product Longevity
4. Power Management Tools
5. Leveraging Unused Computer Resource
6. Data Compression
7. Applications

Technology is not a passive observer, but it is an active contributor in achieving the goals of Green Computing. One must make conscious efforts to make the world a better place, in this case the digital world too. IT industry in #India have started to take interest in the ways