Monday, 22 December 2014

Facebook dislike button... What do you think ?

by Ziuby

On #Facebook , people post, upload videos and photos for various purpose.
Be it for personal use like photo sharing, thought sharing, or to generate business through digital marketing, face book has provided a platform that caters to almost all the needs of the Digital World.

If person genuinely like their posts and uploads, Like button is the way to express it. Such a positive thing to say that “I like”, has lead to some controversies recently. Terrorist organizations and extremists have now used social media platforms for posting comments to harm the peace of a community People liking those posts have come under the scanner and faced legal action. Avoiding such situations is a must.
Some online community chatter have suggested having dislike button so that  they can avoid to give any kind of response to it .But dislike button psychologically gives Negative impact to a  person you are giving dislike response and can also be used in a wrong way.

Thus the developers coming up with such #innovative ideas must also first think what the impact will be on the social fabric of a country.Security and Ethical behavior are also a major part of #Web Design and #Web Development. A #web solution that finds the right balance between this can surely help to achieve the desired impact and success in the market.  #ziuby