Saturday, 27 December 2014

Instagram app gets five new filters

by Ziuby

Instagram has reportedly added five new filters to give users more options to experiment with still images.

According to Tech Crunch, each of the new filters has a slightly odd-sounding name. The five filters are called #Slumber, #Crema, #Ludwig, #Aden and #Perpetua.

The Instagram blog says that the filters will soften the image and subtly shift colors to achieve the look and feel the user wants for each photo. The app will also use a preview of the user's actual photo within the filter icons as opposed to the ultra-familiar hot air balloon preview, the report added.

This comes as a great news for people in subscribers of the social media sharing platform.
Instagram already enjoys a strong base of users and with introduction of such new features , it will help them target new audiences. Digital Marketing and Graphic design people will surely enjoy these new filters and see them as an opportunity to enhance their capability.