Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wordpress under attack .. again !

by Ziuby

The popular CMS is under attack again. Attacker have created a third-party plug-in which creates a vulnerability. A security firm Sucuri has reported this vulnerability to Wordpress.
 According to the firm, more than 100,000 wordpress websites are affected by this vulnerability. It was fixed earlier in September but again in December , large-scale attack created new vulnerability. RevSlider is a bundle of Wordpress themes, attacker have added a script which redirects RecSlider to domain to load malware.

 Precautions that on must take to avoid such situations--
 increase  awareness
 user should aware about security threats
 should update patches time to time
 disable potential dangerous plug-in

IT companies giving solutions in the market must keep all the security related issues in mind.Quality and Market success can only be achieved through keeping attention to these crucial points.At #ziuby be it wodpress,drupal or anyother cms's , there is active attention given to the security aspect of development.