Thursday, 1 January 2015

Copy your handwriting onto an iPad

by  Ziuby

Apple has always been driven by innovation in terms of putting out digital solution. Be it #ipod  , #iphone #imac , all these devices have surely kept the tech-savvy people hooked in. Apple enjoys a wide variety and large base of followers who are always looking forward to what will the #geniuses at apple will come up next. #2015 for Apple users will surely be   exciting.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted #Apple a patent on Tuesday for a "communicating stylus" that would capture digital copies of handwritten notes and drawings from a variety of surfaces, from paper to a whiteboard. The pen would use accelerometer sensors, device storage and wireless transmission to send handwritten notes from the stylus to a digital display, according to the patent, first spotted by Apple Insider.

Similar "smart" pens already exist. The LiveScribe 3, for example, can digitally capture written notes, as long as users write on a special type of paper. Apart from this apple set for Apple stylus, Theoretically, someone could write on a table or even in the air, and the words would be transferred to a digital device.
A bigger #iPad would be a perfect companion for such a stylus outlined in the patent; the #Adobe Ink and Slide digital drawing tools, for example, are often used with tablets.