Thursday, 22 January 2015

Web Development and Design in India

by Ziuby

The IT sector has developed at a rapid rate in past few years. European countries have always been ahead of the curve. With IT giants like Microsoft, Google,  Apple starting right in their backyards, one can say that America have pioneered the Technological movement and have been at least 10 years ahead from rest of the countries. People only looked towards European markets for innovation and new ideas but this has changed. India has been catching up fast. There is lot of talent and curiosity amongst the Indians. This has resulted into the current attitude of cities like Bangalore,Pune, and Hyderabad.

Technology and its need have reached very deep in the market.  With the right attitude and set of skills a company of 3-5 employees can bring in the next big thing. The web designing and development companies in Pune have really stepped up their game. They are breaking the shackles of old and traditional ways of putting out solutions. Innovations and out of the box thinking is given the highest priority now. Web solutions need a fair bit of analysis done before and the young talent of India are up for the challenge.

 Businesses are now looking at logo design and responsive web design as a basic requirement for developing a web-solution. Conventional marketing techniques and marketing strategy have seen some significant revamping. Social platforms like Facebook and twitter have completely changed the market reach. Businesses have recognized this and want their presence to target a wider audience. This has resulted in people with job descriptions as social media marketing expert.

One can surely agree that India in 2015 is on the right path in terms of Digital growth. Progress of different sectors is linked to the growth of IT in India and so far the IT experts are caring that responsibility well.