Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Twitter, starts rolling out while users were away

by Ziuby

Twitter have started  'While You Were Away' feature. This feature was announced first in November , said Microblogging website "Twitter". It takes the "best tweets" from users' network and puts them on top of their feed when they open the app. How it determines the best tweets is not disclosed by company.

 With this feature, Twitter users will be able to keep track of important news and topics on their feed when they log into the app again. All users do not have access to this feature, but based on a Twitter search, it seems that the number of people talking about it has increased over the past month.

It is similar to Facebook's Top Stories feature, which also displays the most important of posts in the news feed. It seems that the increasing number of users on twitter the think tank at the social media giants need to come up with smart and innovative solutions to keep the user interested