Thursday, 8 January 2015

Take me back in time

by Ziuby

Photoshop has done amazing things for the digital world. Graphic design and advertisement industry have used Photoshop to capture the imagination of people with images that can only be explained with statements like "Wow ! that's amazing" , "How do they do it  !?".

Recently the people at Photoshop Surgeon have done something similar. This might be the first time Photoshop has shaved 80 years off a human being. Taking the image of a 100-year-old woman, the talented people at Photoshop Surgeon have transformed her into an image of her 20-year-old self. This makeover video has been watched more than 7 million time so far.

 Here are some reactions from people. "Some people say that the video made them cry, I think because it brings up memories of lost loved ones or conflicted feelings about aging that all of us end up experiencing," But the reaction has not been entirely positive. One person commented that you have disrespected the memories of a old woman.

Whatever it may be, experiments such as these only confirms that the curiosity of a person can surely drive to innovation. Its through small activities such as these , that the field research and capabilities move ahead.