Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Amazon vs Flipkart

by Ziuby

Flipkart was launched in India in 2007, the company enjoyed the maturing market riding on the mobile revolution establishing Flipkart.com as the leading online retailer in the country.
Amazon then entered in market as strong competitor for Flipkart, it has already brand reputation in world market excluding India. Still they got a unique advantage which is uncommon new start-ups.

On parameters of fair pricing, better delivery, and quick resolution a lot of users place trust in Amazon and Flipkart to undertake the order. But on Amazon a nifty feature is good and new where while browsing through there is filter “Fulfilled by Amazon which listed out only Amazon Shipped products .unfortunately Flipkart doesn't have such features we have to browse through all products for listing. On world basis, Amazon is a great source of reading reviews .but In India; the same can be said about Flipkart.

With foreign market giants looking at Indian market as one of the most lucrative markets, the battle for supremacy is just heating up.