Wednesday, 7 January 2015

ASP.NET vNext .. Next Revolution of Web Development

by Ziuby

There is some really cool stuff going on the ASP.NET and Web Tools team.
ASP.NET vNext will take things to the next level. Today, you run ASP.NET using the same CLR that desktop apps use. Adding a cloud-optimized (my cloud, your cloud,their cloud - server stuff) version optimized for server scenarios like low-memory and high-throughput.

 It has been great to see the energy and innovation in these technologies since it made the open source announcements.

Software is what enables organizations to succeed in today’s digital environment.  It is what enables businesses to connect better with customers, to deliver amazing
 new experiences, to drive new revenue streams, and to run operations more efficiently.

It is going to enable even more developers to take advantage of Visual Studio and build even better applications.  We are looking forward to seeing what all we can
build with it.