Monday, 19 January 2015

Impact of Social Media on a modern Business

by Ziuby

Businesses today are facing a generation of far more demanding customers than they've seen before. This generation are always connected, especially through mobile devices. They expect fast answers - and they want these across every channel, including social.Businesses need to be turning to agile and flexible technology solutions that enable them to more easily engage with customers in social channels.

In the coming 5 years,we are going to see an increasing cross over between marketing and customer service.This will put a stronger emphasis on using customer data to personalise communication and identify the best communication channel.

We've seen lots of companies use social media, but there are plenty of examples of companies that have ignored social media and then paid the price for it.Social media provides a great opportunity for customers to get a more personalized service. Businesses need to use a solution that provides insight and guidance into the customer across all channels in order to provide a customer centric experience.

It's time for companies to merge social customer service into the mainstream - we're way past the point where social should be treated like a 'one-off' customer service channel.