Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Smart this and Smart that .. just add it to the list !

by Ziuby

Smart Luggage Lock

A 'smart' luggage lock that allows users to open or lock a suitcase with just a swipe of their smartphone has been developed. The lock called EGeeTouch can be accessed with just a tap of a Near field communication (NFC)-enabled smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. EGeeTouch is waterproof and can handle both extreme hot and cold weather and is approved by the US Transport Security Administration, Mashable reported.

It can be accessed using a pre-paired NFC smart tag or sticker (to put in a wallet) if the user does not have an NFC-enabled device. Developed by US startup Digipas, the lock runs on battery power, but can be recharged with an external USB portable power source when that runs out.

However, the availability and pricing for the EGeeTouch have not yet been announced.

Soon, your hand can be your Smartphone

Researchers are developing a revolutionary new technology that puts the mobile phone on the palm of your hand - literally. Using a special camera that combines high-speed vision and two rotational mirrors, Masatoshi Ishikawa and colleagues at the University of Tokyo have found a way to project a device's display or keyboard onto the palm, or any other surface, so that one can operate it remotely at home or office. The system can detect the movement of a three-dimensional object every two milliseconds, Ishikawa said. The high-speed vision allows the program to track moving objects, so users would be free to walk with the phone image in palm, without the display ever shifting, ABC News reported.

The computer system beams ultrasonic wave emitters, so the user actually feels the keyboard pressing against their skin, without anything in their hand. The sensation is as small as a 3-gramme object. "You won't need a keyboard, you won't need to carry a smartphone, or a computer. You can make a call without anything," Ishikawa said.

Ishikawa expects the technology to turn into a reality in a year or two.The palm phone is the latest in a string of systems Ishikawa has developed, using high-speed vision technology. Last year, he unveiled a robotic hand designed to win the game rock-paper-scissors 100 per cent of the time.