Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Are you ignored on Twitter? Updated iOS app is brutally honest

by Ziuby

The company’s mobile app on iOS has a new analytics feature that lets users see how many other people saw their tweets, and interacted with them like by clicking a link or expanding the tweet. It’s a useful feature for users seeking better information about the reach of their tweets, or about their larger strategy on Twitter, while on the go.

Twitter made its analytics dashboard publicly available earlier this year, but only on the desktop. Advertisers, meanwhile, have always had access to analytics data to see how their paid tweets resonate with their intended audience.

 Twitter enjoys a wide customer base and it is a leader in their own right when it comes to micro-blogging. Twitter made blogging activity cool again. With new updates like "while you were away" and now with this analytics part , the creative team at twitter are really pushing hard to keep the end user hooked in. Creative and innovative solutions are the mantras for success in the Digital world and Twitter seems to be right on track.