Wednesday, 21 January 2015

App to track if someone is spying on you

by Ziuby

A new app called Snoop Snitch can detect International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers by keeping a tab if someone is spying on you. IMSI catchers are eavesdropping devices used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking the movement of smartphone users, media reports said.

Security experts recently revealed a massive security flaw that could let hackers listen in on private calls and read text messages on mobile networks. One way in which such hackers get access to such information is by using IMSI catchers or 'stingrays'. Snoop Snitch can detect IMSI catchers and warn smartphone users if their devices are giving up their personal information and connecting to them.

The app scans for signals that indicate a switch from a legitimate tower to a 'stingray', where information may be being collected. The app currently works with Android handsets that have Qualcomm chips inside such as Sony and Samsung Galaxy models.

Security is an important aspect to look out for. Cyber crimes are on an all time high and one needs to take precautions.