Friday, 16 January 2015

Bluetooth Push Buttons

by Ziuby

Want to control your phone, but just don’t feel like touching it? Satechi’s recently-announced BT Button Series — three small Bluetooth accessories that let you wirelessly control your iOS or Android device — is for you.

The series is composed of the BT Shutter Button, BT Media Button, and BT Home Button. Starting with the Shutter Button, pressing it either takes a picture or starts a video recording on your smart device. The Media Button, meanwhile, controls music and video playback, with the ability to play/pause, skip/rewind tracks, and control the volume.Finally, the Home Button brings up Siri or Google Now, as well as any other personal assistant your device has included. In theory, the Home Button allows you to make hands-free phone calls, as well as other hands-free features your device might have, such as text dictation and GPS directions.

According to Satechi, the BT Button Series will be available later this month. The BT Shutter Button and BT Media Button will cost $25 each, while the BT Media Button will start at $30. Whether you want to buy them separately or together, they will be available through Satechi’s website and Amazon, with no word of further retail support.