Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Apple Inc Hits and Misses ...

by Ziuby

Apple has always captured the imagination of investors' and the public. The "geniuses" at Apple have always worked on with focusing more on pushing the boundaries and developing products that are a fusion of Art and Technology.

Apple founder and one of the best visionary on 20th century Steve Jobs who passed away in  2011 has always seen technology through the eyes of an artist. Esthetically beautiful and eye catching design of hardware have always been the unique selling point with Apple. With recent iPod,iPhone and going back to the early days of iMacs Apple has enjoyed a lot of success at the market. While the company's early computers, especially the Apple II line, brought the world of personal computing into offices, homes, and schools, there were more than a few bad apples. Even fans groan at the memory of the Pippin and the QuickTake camera. The Apple III and Lisa were personal computer bombs. Apple TV still hasn't quite caught on. Lately, however, the company has made few missteps. Its latest game-changer is the iPad, which made its debut in April 2010. The iPad may end the personal computer era that Steve Jobs helped introduce 30 years ago.

In our follow up blogs we will focus and do an in depth analysis of the products that have done exceptionally well in the market and also the ones that didn't. We will also try and get a bearing on what to expect from Apple in 2015.So look froward to our follow blogs on "Apple Hits and Misses"